Medication Adherence

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Medication Adherence

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Medication adherence refers to the extent to which a person takes their medications as prescribed by their healthcare provider. Unfortunately, medication non-adherence is a significant problem in the healthcare industry, leading to negative health outcomes and increased healthcare costs. Here are some of the benefits of using medication adherence:

Patient Outcomes

Firstly, medication adherence services from a local pharmacy can improve patient outcomes. Patients who take their medications as prescribed are more likely to manage their chronic conditions effectively and avoid complications. For example, patients with diabetes who take their medications regularly are more likely to control their blood sugar levels and avoid long-term complications such as kidney disease, blindness, and nerve damage. Medication adherence services from a local pharmacy can also help patients manage side effects and avoid drug interactions.

Lower Healthcare Costs

Secondly, medication adherence services can lower healthcare costs. Medication non-adherence is a significant driver of healthcare costs, leading to avoidable hospitalizations, emergency room visits, and other medical interventions. According to the National Council for Patient Information and Education, medication non-adherence costs the healthcare system up to $290 billion annually. By improving medication adherence, local pharmacies can help reduce healthcare costs by preventing unnecessary medical interventions and improving patient outcomes.

Patient Satisfaction

Thirdly, medication adherence services can improve patient satisfaction. Patients who receive medication adherence services from a local pharmacy are more likely to feel supported in managing their conditions and medications. This can lead to improved patient satisfaction, increased patient loyalty, and better relationships between patients and their healthcare providers.


Lastly, medication adherence services can help local pharmacies differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace. With the rise of online pharmacies and big-box retailers offering pharmacy services, local pharmacies need to find ways to differentiate themselves and provide value-added services to their patients. Medication adherence services can be a powerful way for local pharmacies to differentiate themselves and build loyal patient relationships.

In conclusion, medication adherence is crucial for improving patient outcomes, lowering healthcare costs, and improving patient satisfaction. Local pharmacies can provide medication adherence services that can help patients manage their conditions effectively, avoid complications, and improve their quality of life. Local pharmacies can also benefit from offering medication adherence services by building patient loyalty and differentiating themselves in a competitive marketplace. If you're struggling with medication adherence, consider speaking to your local pharmacy about their medication adherence services.

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